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Fitted beneath your floor, encased within reinforced concrete, an underfloor safe is almost invisible, is virtually immoveable and offers the ultimate security for your most precious possessions at a fraction of the cost of a burglary. Hamber Safes have been individually UK handbuilding the very best underfloor safes for over 60 years, from the finest materials, and are deservedly know as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of the industry.

Packed with features to resist the most severe crimal attack by drilling, flame-cutting, heavy impact, leverage and wedging, lock tampering, abrasive cutting and fire. All fully supported by an unrivalled 5 year warranty. There really is no comparable alternative.

Made in the UK - Individually built by handThe industry UF Safe experts - for over 60 yearsEasy to install - Suitable for all floor typesSimple to use - Genuine one handed operationRecommended - Locksmiths, Security and Insurance Experts5 Year Warranty


With three different models and various size and locking options available to suit every different security requirement and budget.

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A Hamber underfloor safe is simplicity itself.

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Underfloor safes

Hamber Safes offer three different underfloor safe ranges to suit all possible situations and requirements. Each range is available with different locking types, in different sizes and with various options. Explore our products here and find the underfloor safe that perfectly suits your individual needs.

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Hamber Safes are precisely engineered to bring you total peace of mind. Our exceptional build quality is unparalleled, delivering maximum security for over 60 years.

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