Over 60 years ago, two talented up and coming young engineers and inventors, working from a small workshop garage, envisioned a new type of safe that would combine the benefits of the highest possible precision engineering standards, with immense material strength and almost complete concealment. The Hamber range of underfloor safes was subsequently developed and patented and was introduced to the world by the aspiring pair. These new underfloor safes were revered in the industry, won numerous awards and were exported all over the world. They were even featured in a best selling novel and a blockbuster Hollywood movie along the way. This is the proud heritage of Hamber underfloor safes.


Our team at Hamber Safes has extensive experience and shared knowledge that spans over five decades. We pride ourselves in getting it right, giving our clients absolute peace of mind.


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Hamber Safes are a proudly independent, family company, and we have been making specialist underfloor safes for over 60 years. We are the original patent holders and are widely considered to be the experts in this sector of the security industry. Our safes are purposely designed to be easy-to-install and simple to use and they are built from the very highest-quality materials available, without compromise. Our products are recommended by master locksmiths, security consultants and insurance experts, are supported by a 5 year warranty and are known as ‘the Rolls Royce of underfloor safes’.

We’re not a faceless giant corporation and we’re not just resellers who import our safes from overseas. All our safes are individually hand-built by our team of artisan engineers here in our Essex factory (they are not mass-produced on a production line). We have no plans to change this as we strongly believe that this level of quality and attention to detail is essential. We are building something that you will rely upon to protect your valuables. Cutting corners of any kind should never be an option.

Call us today on 01621-862517 for honest, friendly and knowledgeable advice. There’s no call centres, and no automated responses of any kind. Just real people, that actually know their products inside out, love our business and who take immense satisfaction in knowing that the result of our daily efforts is securing your most precious things.

Made in the UK - Individually built by handThe industry UF Safe experts - for over 60 yearsEasy to install - Suitable for all floor typesSimple to use - Genuine one handed operationRecommended - Locksmiths, Security and Insurance Experts5 Year Warranty

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