28th August 2019

Safe Hints & Tips

Underfloor Safe Hints & Tips

Although a Hamber Safe is designed to provide many years of trouble-free operation, it is a mechanical item of equipment and, as with all mechanical equipment, there are a few things that owners should keep in mind to ensure it’s continued reliability:

  • Always keep the flush, floor-level dust cover in place to prevent dust, detritus and particles from finding their way in to the connecting transitional neck section and falling on to the safe door.
  • On safes that are locked by a key, make sure that the ‘key escutcheon plate’ (the metal oval data plate that is fitted on a pivoted rivet over the keyhole), is located to cover the keyhole at all times. This will prevent dust and detritus from entering the safe mechanism.
  • If the safe is not in regular operation, try to open and close the safe (by completely removing and then refitting the door), every few months. This will ensure that the mechanism stays free running.
  • NEVER, ever, spray or squirt, liquid or aerosol lubricants of any kind (including ‘WD40’), into the safe door mechanism. The safe door is precision made to operate with minimal lubrication and is factory pre-lubricated with a long-lasting and approved lubricant grease. The introduction of additional, non-approved lubricants can cause this grease to be dissolved. Likewise, additional liquid or aerosol lubricants can also cause dust and detritus to accumulate within the safe and this can eventually lead to the mechanism binding-up and seizing.
  • In the event that problems are experienced with the locking and unlocking of your safe, place the open end of a vacuum cleaner hose over the key hole for a few minutes. This may remove any dust or detritus that has found its way into the safe door and, in many cases, will solve any operation problems. If this measure does not rectify the problem, please call our team on 01621 862517. Note: Compressed air is available in small spray cans and can also be used for this purpose.
  • Once your new safe is 5 years old, consider having the door regularly serviced by us at our Essex based factory and service centre. This will ensure that it is always in optimum operational condition.
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