Underfloor Safe Service & Repair

Hamber Underfloor Safes are precision-engineered products that are carefully and meticulously made by craftsmen, with each underfloor safe individually bench assembled, and thoroughly tested by hand, before leaving our factory. You can therefore expect many years of trouble-free operation.

Underfloor Safe Servicing

Like any mechanical equipment however, it is beneficial for it to be periodically ‘serviced’ by experts, to ensure that it stays in tip-top condition, working as designed, for many years into the future. A full strip-down bench service is therefore offered for our safe doors, at our Essex based service centre. The frequency of servicing depends upon the amount of use that your safe gets. As a general rule however, we recommend that a service is carried out by our knowledgeable team every 5 years or so.


Underfloor Safe Repairs

Although faults on our hand-assembled safe doors are exceptionally unusual, we also operate a quick-response emergency bench repair service at our Essex service centre to ensure peace of mind in the unlikely event of a problem.

Booking a Safe Service or Repair

Service and repair is strictly by appointment only, and must be booked in-advance by calling our support team on 01621 862517, or by emailing us. Depending upon our workload, a ‘while you wait service’ or a weekend appointment are sometimes available. Likewise, in some emergency cases, depending upon availability, we may also be able to arrange a temporary door ‘loan’ to ensure your security whilst your own door is being repaired (if it cannot be repaired same day and has to be left with us).


Make your underfloor safe service or repair appointment today


To book your service or repair, simply add the £150 service/repair deposit charge to your basket, and we will contact you,
usually within 1 working day, to arrange a suitable date and time.

We recommend servicing is undertaken every 5 years for safes with normal consumer-level use:

– UK service centre (in Essex).
– Same day safe service or weekend appointment often available by arrangement.
– Temporary safe door ‘loan service’ sometimes possible (subject to availability),
if a repair is required, that requires us to keep your safe door overnight.

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*Please see FAQ below for full pricing details and exclusions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a selection of questions and answers that we are commonly asked by our customers.

The cost of a service for our present day range of safes (Minder, Caretaker and Dreadnought ABP models, 2019 onwards) is fixed at £150 including VAT. This is inclusive of the costs of all labour needed to carry out a full strip-down service, plus the cost of any internal mechanical spare parts that might have deteriorated through wear and tear (other than the lock and lock components).

If the lock has failed and requires replacement however, then the cost of a new lock (or lock component including mechanical or electronic combination dials, linkage and trims) is charged in addition to the £150 service charge (a quote is provided in advance where this is the case).

The £150 service charge is based upon your safe door being personally delivered to us and collected by you afterwards. Return delivery can usually be arranged however, at additional cost.

A fair use policy applies to our fixed service and repair charges and this is determined at our sole discretion.

Most underfloor safe repairs to our present day range of safes are carried out in line with the fixed price service charge of £150 (we normally routinely carry out a service to your door whilst repairing it). Again, the exception to this are faults due to the failure of the lock or associated lock components (including mechanical combination dials and linkage and electronic combination keypads and linkage). If a repair cost will exceed the £150 fixed charge, then a quote is provided before repairs are carried out.

A fair use policy applies to our fixed service and repair charges and this is determined at our sole discretion.

Service and repair is usually possible to the older generation ‘Minder’ and ‘Caretaker’ safes along with the ‘Dreadnought Defender ABP’, ‘Super Dreadnought’ and ‘NC’ models (pre 2019). The costs of this are often in line with the cost of service and repair to our present day safes.

Repairs to much older ‘legacy’ safes are assessed on a case by case basis however due to the limited availability of some parts.

If you have an older safe that requires service or repair, please contact us in the first instance to discuss this, ideally emailing some images of the safe door and key escutcheon/data plate so that we can positively identify your safe.

If we are unable to service or repair your older safe, then a ‘loyal customer discount’ of 10% is offered against the purchase of a new safe from our present day range.

If you are returning your underfloor safe door to us by courier, please pack this carefully in bubble wrap and make sure that the door cannot move around in the packing box. It is of the upmost importance that keys are removed from key locked safe doors when packing (if the key is left in the keyhole it may snap off and damage the lock). Keys should be packed with the safe door but in such a way that they cannot be impacted and damaged.

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