Hand built Underfloor Safes for your Home or Business

Hamber underfloor safes are precisely engineered to bring you total peace of mind. Our exceptional build quality is unparalleled, delivering maximum security for over 60 years.

Made in the UK - Individually built by handThe industry UF Safe experts - for over 60 yearsEasy to install - Suitable for all floor typesSimple to use - Genuine one handed operationRecommended - Locksmiths, Security and Insurance Experts5 Year Warranty

Attack Durability

Hamber underfloor safes are designed to resist the harshest attacks. The image opposite is a genuine example of a first generation ‘Caretaker’ model that successfully resisted a sustained attack with thermal cutting equipment, angle grinder and drilling. The customer in this case simply contacted us next day, purchased a new door, fitted it in their original vault, and carried on with business as usual. We don’t rest on our laurels however and the ‘Caretaker’, like all of our safes, is much improved since this incident took place, with added attack resistance measures and ‘VdS’ approved, high-grade locks all now fitted as standard.

Underfloor Safe Technology

Although Hamber underfloor safes are hand-built to exceptionally high traditional engineering standards, this doesn’t mean that we are stuck in the past, and instead we’re always looking at technological developments in materials science to see if these can improve the quality and security of our products. In recent years this has seen us incorporate components made from high performance ceramics, ceramic steels and manganese steel (a material so hard that it is used to make rock crushing plates in mining equipment).


Confidentiality & Discretion

Hamber Safes have decades of experience in the security business and are therefore implicitly aware of the need for confidentiality and discretion. We comply with all relevant legislation relating to customer data, we guarantee that we do not keep any records of customer key types and our safes are not connectable to the internet and cannot be operated remotely (even if fitted with an electronic keypad).

We are also aware that many of our customers want to minimise the number of people who know that they have purchased an underfloor safe, to reduce the possibility of this knowledge getting into the wrong hands. We therefore offer a discrete ‘pay cash & collect’ service if required. Alternatively, if you pay us by bank transfer, this appears on your bank statement simply as ‘HS Products’.

Pay Cash & Collect - or bank transfer and courier delivery

Service Support

Hamber Safes have been building the best underfloor safes around for over 60 years now, and most of these are still out there in the field, securing our customer’s valuables. New Hamber safes are individually precision built by-hand, from the finest available materials, so it is exceptionally unusual for any of our customers to have any problems with them at all. If you have an older ‘heritage’. Hamber safe however, or if you have a more recently made safe that is very heavily used (in a busy retail environment for example) or is fitted in a harsh environment (such as a dusty bakery), then we offer a full ‘back to bare’ bench service at our Essex factory to keep your safe in top condition. In summary, we will: Fully strip your removable door down to individual components, thoroughly degrease and clean it, replace any worn internal parts, add new specialist lubricants, and finally reassemble and test it. It’ll then be ready to give you many more years of reliable service. This service is often available ‘while-you-wait’ if pre-booked with us.

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