Dreadnought ABP

Range from: £2,120.00 – £2,405.00

Fireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes EssexFireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes EssexFireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes EssexFireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes Essex

For the ultimate in security and peace of mind, the formidable Dreadnought is fitted with special ‘ABP’ (anti-blow pipe) protection, to provide resistance to attack by thermic lance or cutting equipment, in addition to various other innovative attack counter-measures. With its class leading VdS certified grade 3 lock, it also offers the facility to simply change the key to a new pattern, without lock disassembling, if an original key is still held (if spare keys are lost, or are in the possession of an unauthorised keyholder for example). It can also be supplied with the option of a convenient ‘detachable bit’ key lock system, allowing users to keep the short key bits in a purse or wallet, rather than carrying around a bulky traditional key. With a circular access diameter of 142mm (5.6”), it is suitable for the high-security storage of all types of jewellery, watches, coins, cash and other valuables, and is renowned in the industry as the gold standard of underfloor safes.

  • Precision engineered, fully removable, solid stainless steel door.
  • Robust steel floor vault.
  • Key locked safes supplied with 2 keys as standard (additional keys are available).
  • Key escutcheon dust cover (or data badge on combination safes), stamped with individual safe build number.
  • Connecting ABS transitional neck section (to allow installation beneath a substantial thickness of reinforced concrete).
  • Additional connecting neck sections are optionally available for the Dreadnought (these allow the vault to be installed under double thickness concrete, for additional security).
  • Discrete, flush fitting, polypropylene, floor level dust cover.
  • Tough Nylon internal bottom lock cover. Which protects and covers the entire locking mechanism.
  • Full installation instructions and installation compliance certification (for completion following correct installation).


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Fireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes Essex

Ease of use

The safe door has been designed with ease of use as a priority, and thanks to an innovative and originally patented design, it can be refitted by simply locating it, (with one hand), directly back into the vault collar, in any direction, throughout 360 degrees. There are no fiddly, fixed locating bolts, hinges or mountings to line up, as with many other alternative underfloor safes.


Underfloor safe consists of a super-armoured, solid steel ‘floor vault’, fitted with a CIRCULAR, highly engineered, extra-thick solid stainless steel, fully removable, safe door. Fitted with a high quality, fully certified lock, and made using only select materials, each safe incorporates various attack counter-measures to resist lock picking, lock-tampering/damage, drilling, abrasive disc or saw attack, heavy impact, leverage and special ABP protection to resist the use of flame/heat (using heavy cutting equipment or thermic lance).

Fireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes Essex

Additional Product Information

Internal Dimensions of Safe Vaults

The following are APPROXIMATE internal dimensions and volumes of each safe vault (floor storage box) only. This information is provided to give a practical understanding of the amount of storage that each vault size provides.

These dimensions are slightly different to the external vault measurements, which are slightly larger, due to the thickness of the vault walls, and the anti-extraction flange. They also do not include the size of the connecting transitional neck section (that connects the vault with floor level, to allow vault installation beneath reinforced concrete). Please contact us for full external dimensions if these are needed when planning your installation.

Weights are approximate only and are based upon standard key locked underfloor safes. Weights will vary with different lock configurations and if a deposit tube facility is selected.

Capacity: 27 litres
Length (horizontal): 300mm (11.8″)
Width (horizontal): 300mm (11.8″)
Height (vertical): 295mm (11.6″)
Weight: 37kg

Extra Large
Capacity: 34 litres
Length (horizontal): 300mm (11.8″)
Width (horizontal): 300mm (11.8″)
Height (vertical): 370mm (14.6″)
Weight: 39kg

Vault Features

  • Continuously hand-welded seams all-round, for added strength and quality.
  • Triple thick, heavy gauge, solid steel top plate for increased reinforcement and armour, fitted with seamless collar.
  • Walls and base manufactured from proprietary ‘Zintec’ thick solid steel plate (electrolytically coated to resist rust and corrosion).
  • Anti-extraction flange fitted to resist attempts at removal once fitted.
  • Powder coated all round with durable, high quality, ‘hammered’ effect, black-gold finish, to provide further resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • All internal surfaces lined with luxurious, ‘flock’ (soft-felt effect) coating, to protect valuables stored inside.

Safe Door Locks

  • Key: Fitted with VdS Grade 3, 9 lever, double bitted, key operated lock as standard. Lock has facility to allow change of key (to new key pattern) without lock disasembling. Can also be provided with optional detachable bit keys.
  • Combination: Fitted with VdS Grade 3, 4-wheel mechanical combination lock (with over 100 million theoretical variations).

Safe Door Features

  • Door specification: 42mm thick, stainless steel.
  • Locking bolts: 2
  • Bolt type: Stainless steel, special concealed sliding arrangement.
  • Anti-drill protection: Exceptionally hard manganese steel anti-drill plates coupled with ceramic pellets.
  • ABP protection: Integrated plate system fitted to resist attack by blow pipe/thermic lance cutting equipment (by providing a ‘heat-sink’).
  • Re-locking: Integral mechanisms fitted that are designed to automatically ‘lock-out’ the safe (known as ‘relocking’), in the event of lock disturbance or damage.
  • Handle: Releases under excessive force.
  • Fire: Although not a certified or specialist fire safe, underfloor safes offer a high level of resistance to fire, when properly installed underfloor in reinforced concrete.
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