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All-time best-seller.
Individually hand-built in the UK.
From £1000 (including VAT)

From £1000 (including VAT)

Fireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes EssexFireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes EssexFireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes EssexFireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes Essex

All time best-selling round-door underfloor safe. Packed with high-security features. Available at unbelievable price point for the class-leading security it offers.

  • Each safe genuinely hand-built with great pride in the UK. Individually hand-welded, hand-assembled, hand-tested. No production lines.
  • Suitable for all valuables including: cash, jewellery, watches, bullion, coins, cryptocurrency wallets, etc.
  • Simple to retrospectively install into existing homes, or to add during the construction of an extension, or a new-build project. Any floor type, modern or period, concrete or wooden (can even be fitted above the floor). Full instructions provided in clear English.
  • Manufacturer cash rating in excess of £35,000 (£350,000 for jewellery and other valuables). Equivalent to Eurograde 3.
  • Insurance-approved, high-specification, ‘VdS’ Class 2 key-operated lock with double-bitted keys (or combination lock options).
  • Extra-thick door, two oversized locking bolts and interior components all made from solid stainless steel.
  • Packed with innovative design features to resist all types of criminal attack (full details below).
  • Designed for simple, one-handed operation, with reassuring ‘key-retaining’ feature preventing key from being removed from the safe door unless the lock is activated and the locking bolts are securely in place (full details below).
  • Unique ‘quick-key-change’ facility: If your security is compromised by the loss or theft of a key, you can disable the old key set and activate a new pattern key set, with no fuss, in minutes (full details below).
  • Various storage vault sizes available, all with luxury soft-flock interior to protect your valuables. ‘Quick-deposit tube’ option (pictured).

Security features

Packed with integrated features to provide resistance to all types of criminal attack including:

  • Drilling
  • Abrasive cutting
  • Flame cutting
  • Lock tampering
  • Heavy impact
  • Leverage and wedging
  • Fire

Product Options

Our Minder underfloor safe comes with various options for you to consider:

  • Various storage vault sizes available from 8 litre to 34 litre (contact us for current availability)
  • Traditional key, mechanical combination dial or electronic locking options
  • Quick deposit tube option for dropping valuables ‘on the go’
  • Space saving ‘detachable bit’ key system available
  • Bespoke solutions often possible for special requirements


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Discrete and security sensitive buying options: Know which safe model and size you want already? Call or click here to reserve your safe, and to arrange a ‘pay cash and collect’ appointment. Or, pay by bank transfer with courier delivery to your door (your bank payment will appear discretely as ‘HS Products’ on your bank statement).


Fireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes Essex

Ease of use

The safe door has been designed with ease of use as a priority, and thanks to an innovative originally and patented design, it can be refitted by simply locating it, (with one hand), directly back into the vault collar, in any direction, throughout 360 degrees. There are no fiddly, fixed locating bolts, hinges or mountings to line up, as with many other alternative underfloor safes.


Fitted with a high quality, fully certified lock, and made using only select materials, each safe incorporates various attack counter-measures to resist lock picking, lock-tampering/damage, drilling, abrasive disc or saw attack, heavy impact, leverage and use of flame/heat (using heavy cutting equipment).

Fireproof underfloor safes for your home, Hamber Safes Essex

Additional Product Information

Underfloor safes

An underfloor safe is fitted beneath your floor, encased within reinforced concrete. It offers the combined benefits of almost complete concealment and immense strength. It is inconspicuous, space-saving, and unlike a traditional floor-standing safe, it cannot be simply lifted away by a burglar. An underfloor safe offers the highest possible security at a relatively low-cost. The only person who will know it’s there, is you…

Hamber Safes

Hamber Safes are an independent, family company. We have been making specialist underfloor safes for over 60 years, and are the original patent holders. All our safes are individually hand-built by our team of artisan engineers here in our Essex factory (they are not mass-produced on a production line). We use the very highest-quality materials available, without compromise. Our safes are purposely designed to be easy-to-install and simple to use. They are recommended by master locksmiths, security consultants and insurance experts, and are known as ‘the Rolls Royce of underfloor safes’. All our products are supported by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Model description

The ‘Minder’ is the best-selling, round-door, underfloor safe. There are thousands of these fitted all over the UK and the EU, though you would never know it, as they are practically invisible once properly installed. It is suitable for the secure-storage of all types of valuables including cash, jewellery, watches, bullion, coins, cryptocurrency wallets, etc. It offers class leading security, at an unbelievably competitive price-point.

The Minder consists of a robust, solid steel storage vault, and a connecting circular neck, that is fitted under your floor, encased in reinforced concrete. A fully-removeable, highly-engineered circular locking door is fitted into the opening on the top of the storage vault and this is packed with integrated features to resist all types of criminal attack (including drilling, abrasive cutting, flame cutting, lock tampering, heavy impact, leverage and wedging, and fire).

Like all Hamber underfloor safes, the Minder is designed for simple retrofitting in to existing homes, or can also be fitted during the construction phase of new homes. It is suitable for installation in any floor type, modern or period, concrete or wooden (and can even be fitted above the floor disguised as a window seat etc.). Full installation instructions are provided.

The Minder has a manufacturer’s minimum cash rating of £35,000 (£350,000 for jewellery and other valuables), equivalent to Eurograde 3 or above.

Standard technical features

  • Insurance recognised, ‘VdS’ Class 2, high-security lock (with 9 levers and double-bitted keys).
  • Removeable locking safe door, machined from a solid, round, stainless steel blank (31mm thick before the addition of any other components), giving an actual access opening of 142mm in diameter.
  • Two over-sized stainless steel locking bolts of 40mm diameter, fitted in a unique pivoted-locking action.
  • Solid stainless steel internal components and mechanism.
  • High-tech ceramic materials fitted in crucial locations to resist drilling and to cause drills to slip and lose traction.
  • Integrated ‘relocking’ mechanisms fitted to resist lock and bolt work tampering (these put the safe into a ‘failed safe’ condition if attacked).
  • Self-releasing door handle that is designed to detach if an attacker attempts to use it to pull the safe out of the ground with heavy-lifting equipment.
  • Robust ABS lock cover fitted to the underside of the removeable door to completely enclose the lock and internal mechanisms and protect them from dust and detritus.
  • Deluxe metal key escutcheon plate fitted that covers the keyhole and prevents the ingress of dust and detritus (the plate is stamped with the unique safe build number).
  • Hand-welded storage vault with continuous-welds on all seams and collar, and fitted with an extra-thick armoured top plate and an anti-extract flange (the vault is hard powder-coated to resist corrosion after installation in concrete, and has a luxurious flock-coated, soft interior to protect your valuables).
  • A flush, floor-level dust cover is provided to discretely finish off your installation (and can be hidden under a decorative floor covering if preferred).

Special design features

  • Designed for genuine single-handed operation (an essential feature of an underfloor safe). Simply turn the key, and lift the removeable access door out by the handle to remove it. Deposit your valuables inside the storage vault. Then, lower the door back into the opening, in any direction (360 degrees), turn the key, and it’s locked again (there are no awkward brackets or lugs to locate).
  • Fitted with a reassuring ‘key-retaining’ feature (again an essential feature of an underfloor safe). The key cannot be removed after the removeable safe door is lowered back in to the vault opening, unless the locking bolts are in place and the door is fully locked. If you can remove the key with the door placed in the safe opening, you can rest assured that your safe is locked.
  • Unique ‘quick-key-change’ feature: If a single key is lost, mislaid or stolen, there is no need to fit a new lock to restore the complete security of your safe. Instead, as long as you still have one of the original keys, the original lock can be reset in minutes to use a new key set with a new pattern (disabling the original key pattern). Simply contact us to purchase a new pattern key set and we can guide you through the simple process (no lock dismantling is necessary).


  • Various storage vault sizes: 8, 15, 27 and 34 litre capacity. Contact us for availability.
  • Optional alternative locking options: The Minder can be built with standard key locking or alternatively with mechanical combination (dial) locking, or electronic (keypad) locking.
  • ‘Quick-deposit-tube’ option: Allows valuables to be deposited ‘on-the-go’ through an additional small opening on the top plate (without the need to unlock the safe). Complete with drop capsules and an integrated anti-fish mechanism.
  • Unique ‘detachable-bit’ key system available: Space-saving key option that allows the short, pattern-part of the keys (the ‘bit’), to be detached from the key stem, so they can be easily kept in a purse or wallet (rather than carrying a bulky complete key).
  • Bespoke safe-building service: Often available if you have special or non-standard requirements. Contact us for full details.

*All sizes and measurements shown in the above are approximate.

Hamber Safes has a policy of continual and ongoing product improvement. The above specification is therefore subject to change at any time, without notice. Please contact us for up to date product information.

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