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For the ultimate in security and peace of mind, the formidable Dreadnought is fitted with special ‘ABP’ (anti-blow pipe) protection, to provide resistance to attack by thermic lance or cutting equipment, in addition to various other innovative attack counter-measures. With its class leading VdS certified grade 3 lock, it also offers the facility to simply change the key to a new pattern, without lock disassembling, if an original key is still held (if spare keys are lost, or are in the possession of an unauthorised keyholder for example). It can also be supplied with the option of a convenient ‘detachable bit’ key lock system, allowing users to keep the short key bits in a purse or wallet, rather than carrying around a bulky traditional key. With a circular access diameter of 142mm (5.6”), it is suitable for the high-security storage of all types of jewellery, watches, coins, cash and other valuables, and is renowned in the industry as the gold standard of underfloor safes.


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